Increase Your Page Rank and SEO Through Link Building


Along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase your website’s page ranking,¬†AUTHORITY BACKLINKS link building is another way to raise the position of your site in the eyes of prospects and search engine results. Link Building is most effective as one part of a fully developed SEO strategy for your online marketing business. Link Building is the process of placing links to your site on other websites to increase traffic to your homepage. There are several different ways to use link building as a part of your marketing campaign.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the practice of leaving relevant links to your website on other sites across the web. This includes leaving useful comments on other blogs and forums, related to your niche. It also involves article marketing, press release submissions and other activities geared to promoting the link to your website on many different sites. Another aspect of link building is submitting your website to various search engine directories. Link building is helpful in two ways. First, the links themselves will drive traffic to your site, which will increase your business and your page rank. Secondly, the links (when done properly) contain your keywords and act as part of your general search engine optimization strategy.

How to Start

It’s necessary to plan a strategy for increasing the number of links to your site. For an effective traffic-building model, your links should only be left on relevant sites. In other words, search for blogs and forums directly related to your industry. These sites may utilize the same keywords you do and approach the topic from another angle, or they can be sites that are complementary to yours, perhaps by offering accessories or other necessary services to your website.

One of the best ways to get another site to link to yours is to simply ask the site owner or webmaster for permission to post a link. Perhaps you can write a guest blog post or the webmaster may allow you to post a banner ad in exchange for a similar favor linking back to his own site.

Another very effective and highly popular method of link building is writing articles. Many article directories on the Internet publish articles on every topic under the sun. Web surfers will read the articles directly on the site, but they can also be published by anyone who wants to use them, provided they also publish the resource box identifying the author of the article and including a link to the author’s website.

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